Brent Ciccone - Artist

Artist Statement

I have found myself attracted to bold colours, so I would have to say that I am a colourist. The subject matter is not that important, but I am drawn to scenes from nature; in particular landscapes. I will give most things a try but have no interest in figurative work, people who paint other people are always impressive, but the subject holds no interest for me.


Lately I have found an attraction to the close-up and wish to work more in that direction. Tightly cropped scenes, or what would be closer to Macro Photography in the photography realm seem to hold an attraction. Having said this, little of my work has followed this avenue yet.


I enjoy taking colours that may exist in a scene and push those colours to emphasis them, and then add the complementary colour for contrast, makes for more interesting pictures. I wish to build the scene with values and then play with the colours to create the mood that it is desired to convey.


I still have lots to learn, maybe when I am 80 I will get close to understanding painting better.

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