Brent Ciccone - Artist

Sold a print from my Fine Arts America website. Actually it was 2 and they were throw pillows with one of my paintings on them.


You can order prints from the link to the left, or on the top if you are on a mobile device.

Our Art Classes at Green Palette Arts are now done for the summer. Yeah! I have the next 3 months off!!!


Looks like most everyone will be returning when we resume classes in October.

I finished posting photos from our Art Show over on the Greenpalette Arts site. go the section "Student Art Work" and the photo album "EndofYear 2015"

I think we had a pretty successful Art Show on Sunday. It was a really hot day so I think that meant a few people were out of town and out enjoying the nice day instead of coming to the show. Crowds were down a bit from last year but still good.


I would like to thank Jane and Alex for doing some painting out on the front lawn. It really added a nice touch to the day!


Our annual Student Art Show is this Sunday, June 7th. Doors open at 11:00 AM till 4:00 PM. At the Ruberto-Ostberg Art Gallery, 2108 18 St NW


Hope to see you there.

I am just putting together a new website. It took a while to decide which website service to use, there are so many to choose from and most of them are good. 


I finally settled on Artistrunwebsite, it is oriented to artists and has everything that I need. Some of the other services offer much more extensive options, but I really don't want to get too fancy, the focus should be on the art work, not the website.


It will take a while to get all the pictures sorted and posted. Keep tuned for more!

my . artist run website