Brent Ciccone - Artist

The Calgary chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists will be having a big 2 day show at the Earl Grey Golf Club Saturday and Sunday, Oct 29/30.


I will have 3 works in this show.


I took these 2 over to Palliser Art and Framing today for the next and final FCA show at the Gallery.


I finished this one last spring. Just got around to taking pictures of it. This is based on some photos taken while hiking up to Turbine Canyon in the Upper Kananaskis a few years ago. You can see a higher resolution image of it in the Landscape Gallery section of the website.


Just had these printed up from some of my paintings. They are pretty decent quality tote bag and they come in varoius sizes, these ones are the largest size 18 X 18.


You can order these and other items like pillows and shower curtains from my Fine Art America website. Just follow the link on the left that says "Prints Available" and it will take you there.

I just posted some new paintings in the Landscape Gallery. Three different ones, one from the West Coast of Vancouver Island and a couple based on trips in the mountains around here. Go to the Landscapes Gallery to see larger versions of these.

I just had 5 painting accepted into the FCA show at the Edgemont Community centre next weekend.

Finally got the photo's taken and pictures posted. There are 4 of them. Two under the animals and Birds, the first is a Great Blue Heron, the second is of a Donkey. There are also two pictures under the leaves and flowers gallery, Apple Blossoms and "Hanging Out"


Hope you enjoy them.

I have several pictures ready to photograph and add to the website, just have to get around to photographing them!


I might have to spend some money framing them!


I donated a couple of paintings to a recent auction for PSTD victims in the police forces. They had a very successful event and raised several thousands of dollars for helping those affected by PSTD.

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