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I have several pictures ready to photograph and add to the website, just have to get around to photographing them!


I might have to spend some money framing them!


I donated a couple of paintings to a recent auction for PSTD victims in the police forces. They had a very successful event and raised several thousands of dollars for helping those affected by PSTD.

It is always a pain to clear out some space and set up the lights and camera to take pictures of my painitngs. These latest 2 have been finshed for a few weeks but I finally got around to taking the pictures today.


They are both in the landscape gallery, "Tumbling Glacier" and "Inspired by Wyeth" 


I finally got around to taking photos of my latest paintings. There is an oil of Highwood pass and a Pastel of two Cedar Waxwings.

Just got juried in as an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artisits.


Our Art Classes at Green Palette Arts (see the link to the left), have resumed this week. Good to see everyone again and get back into doing some serious painting!

I have posted the newest finished painting. "Branching Out" is based on the leaves of an ornamental crab apple tree in our backyard. When the morning light hits the leaves they display a surprising variety of colours.

I must confess that I really like this colour. I like to use it to make darks, along with Ultramarine Blue, another favourite, it makes a deep but transparant dark. Problem is that the true Alizarin is not colour fast. In water colour it will fade in a relatively short period of time, in oils it is supposed to last longer. Even though I really, really like the colour I jsut tossed the last tube of it out. The uncerttainity about its lightfastness means that I should stop using it.


I can always mix reds with one of the Quinacridone reds or magentas in its place. Just something I will have to get used to I guess.

It might be finished? I will look at it for a while, then, if I am happy with it, I will sign it. Have to set up the photo lights to take a proper picture of it before it can go up on the website.


Off on a 4 day hiking trip next week, so no painting till I get back. Maybe I will have something new to paint after that?



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