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OK, I caught a cold last week so didn't do anything further on this. Finally got something done last night. It still needs lots of work, adjusting values, adjusting hues, details added, but it is starting to look like something.


The last painting session wasn't so successful. I struggled to get the colours and values right for the distant hills. Might need some more rework, or at least some highlights added. We will see what is required as I add the foreground.


Here is what I am working on now. A friend of mine, Mr. Gail Myers, took this great photo that I am using for the basis of this painting:


I started by working up a sketch in pastel to test the composition and colours:


Based on this study, I think it should work out!


I decided to do this a little larger than usual, 18 by 36 inches. I started by mixing some yellow in with gesso and coated the canvas. Then I started at the top. After the first painting session, this is where I am at:


Going good so far!

I have a few pieces in this upcoming show. Come and have a look!

Gota a couple of new pictures posted tot he Landscape gallery. I also have another piece in progress, it currently needs some help:


Its a new year and I have finally been able to access the room that I use for taking photos'. For the past 3 months we have had a sick cat confined to the room and I haven't been able to access it to take photos. Posted one I did a while ago of the Cavel Galcier on Mount Edith Cavel in Jasper Park.

I seem to have been on a bit of a roll here in October. I have sold 3 paintings this month, one at Palliser Art Gallery and two at this weekend's Federation of Canadian Artists show.


Happy to see these paintings find new homes.

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